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Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

- in short... A good thing after something bad happens.

Online and onsite data backup and recovery solution
  • File level backup
  • Specialized Exchange mail server aware full and mailbox level backup and restore
  • SQL aware database backup and restore
  • Onsite storage & offsite storage
  • All data encrypted with the highest available protocol - Blowfish AES 256

  • Full Disaster Recovery:
  • In the event that there is a full disaster (such as the building is destroyed along with server), the current offsite image will be loaded onto a backup device and overnighted. This backup device can act as the server until replacement hardware is received. Then the replacement hardware can be imaged from the backup device (minimizes downtime and time to restore). There is also an option to get data from the data center and even run the last image of the server at the data center.

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Powerful NAS distaster recovery backup application to protect and restore your business' data. Secure Enterprise level business continuity without the enterprise level price.

Restore Your Server Operations In Under A Half Hour!

Now there's a proven backup & disaster recovery solution that meets your business needs & fits within your budget.

Features & Benefits

With fast virtualization capabilities, our NAS device can be
configured to function as a standby server if needed. This
powerful device can also replace management intensive, error-prone tape backups. All this and an affordable price to secure your business data..
Restore your server data or virtualize your server on the NAS backup device.
online backup with offsite data transfer to secured data center.

The Technology Behind The Product

This unique NAS-based technology platform performs data backup at the block level, where the actual 1s and 0s are captured from the hard drive - virtually eliminating backup and restore failures related to open files and custom applications.
Proven business continuity and disaster recovery backup solution.  Powerful virtualization technology to protect your business.

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