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    Indiana computer support for manufacturing

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Indianapolis computer service and IT support

computer system and network support for integrators & control systems - We make IT Easy

manufacturing & control systems computer specialists

controls experience + computer support

indiana computer support services for control system projects


We staff engineers with control systems and integrator experience
to provide unique network and computer support for:
  • manufacturing
  • SCADA and municipal projects
  • other automation integrator projects

We provide the computer system and network support services while working seamlessly with the system integrator and automation application packages:
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Wonderware
  • CNC machine network setup
  • Many others

Rockwell Automation & other software support

manufacturing & automation application support

We do more than the computers and network

Whether you need installation, configuration or programming services, we can help.

  • consulting and programming options
  • screen building, tags and alarms
  • experience with current & legacy software packages


automation & manufacturing experience

experience putting it all together

Addressing the unique needs of automation systems

We work with the control systems integrator to bring together all aspects of the automation project.

  • computer and server hardware and software
  • network and communication infrastructure
  • provide redundancy for traffic paths and data systems
  • server and database clustering and failover
  • installation & updates for automation application packages

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